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Basic Itineraries
*Please note that the pace and activities of all the summer tours can be physically demanding.  You should be in good physical health and capable of walking 6 or 8 kilometers/day.
Western Highlights Tours A & B
June 6 to June 19, 2017 (14 days)
Cost: $2,595
                                            Travel on this tour begins when you fly into Las Vegas, Nevada.  If 
                                              you've never been there, it will be hard to imagine the opulent hotels 
                                            and glitz that seem to be everywhere.  On your first night, you'll 
                                           experience a live performance of Blue Man Group, the wackiest shows
                                         you will ever see. You'll travel on to the Grand Canyon National Park, 
                                        one of the true Seven Natural Wonders of the World.   On to California 
                                      where your adventures in that state begin in San Diego.  After exploring  
                                    much of what that city has to offer, the bus heads north for the city of 
                                   Angels, where we have scheduled a day at Santa Monica Beach as well as
                                  Six Flags Magic Mountain and many of the other famous sites of the country’s second largest city.  You'll also be amazed at the splendor of Yosemite National Park, home of sites such as Half Dome and El Capitan.  As the trip comes to an end in Oakland, participants will enjoy going to San Francisco for memorable sights such as the cable cars, Lombard Street (the crookedest street in the world) and a cruise of San Francisco Bay that will take you under the Golden Gate Bridge and past The Rock – Alcatraz Island and some leisure time to explore the ‘city by the bay’.

This tour must have a minimum of 40 student reservations to operate but is limited to 52 students. 

Detailed Itinerary for Western Highlights Tour

East Coast Discovery Tour - this tour is only tentative at this time but here is the proposed itinerary IF sufficient students sign up and the trip occurs.
June 11 to June 24, 2017 (14 days) 
Cost: $2,595
Your travels start in Baltimore, Maryland.  First you will spend several days in Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States, visiting famous American government sites and landmarks, and the U.S. Capitol.  In the sweetest city in the country, it's impossible not to smell the chocolate!  Hershey, Pennsylvania is the home of the famous chocolate factory and home to Hershey Park, an amusement park with over 60 rides (including 10 roller coasters) and attractions. You will also enjoy a day in the sun at a New Jersey beach plus experience numerous memorable days in New York City (called the Big Apple) where you’ll see a world famous Broadway show, tour the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building PLUS travel on to visit the many historical 
and famous sights of Boston, Massachusetts including the Hard Rock Café 
(it’s may not be historical but it is famous and fun)  and watch the zany 
antics of Blue Man Group. You will have made many new friends 
before you will say goodbye and head home, exhausted but full of 
exciting memories that you will never be forgotten.

This tour must have a minimum of 40 students to operate but is limited 
to 48 students. 

Detailed Itinerary for East Coast Discovery Tour

We think that you will find all of the information that you will need on the tour pages of the South Central Ambassador Tours website.  However, if you still have some questions contact the tour administrator with your specific questions or concerns by clicking the link below.
Disclaimer: We do our best to establish our travel itinerary early, but there can be circumstances beyond our control that force us to make changes. Please realize that itineraries are not guaranteed as circumstances can change, even at the last minute. 

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